Web push Automation Statistics

To check the results of the automation scenarios, click on the STATISTICS button in the upper right corner of the scenario path view. On the automation tree, you will see informative statistics about the number of people who went through the path. Also click on the notification icon to get detailed data on the effectiveness of the campaign sent within that scenario.

Remember that when you select the Statistics button, the automation scenario is displayed in information mode - you can’t edit the scenario from this level.

To return to the automation scenario creation, select the EDIT SCENARIO button, which is located next to the STATISTICS button.

Automation statistics

How do I check the statistics of individual campaigns sent in automation scenarios?

1. Click on the Automation tab.

Then click on the Statistics icon on the scenario you want to check. You will be redirected to the scenario tab.

3. To see the statistics of the selected campaign, click on the bell icon in the graphic and then select the time period you want to analyze.

Below the scenario tree, you will see campaign data such as content and links divided into additional action buttons.

At the bottom, you will find the results for the time frame you selected.

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