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JS Code

Integration code callbacks and hacks

Add customId to your subscribers

Add into your HTML DOM Tree
<var id="ppg-custom-id" data-id="your id here"></var>

Fetch subscriber ID after register

Our standard integration code allows to register callback for syncId event.
When subscribers "subscribe" you can reveice ID without usage of our SDK
window.ppg = window.ppg || {};
window.ppg.register = window.ppg.register || [];
window.ppg.register.push(['syncId', subscriberId => console.log("Your SubscriberID:", subscriberId)]);

Switch for subscribe action instead of popup

It's possible to do that just add <input> with type checkbox and id="ppg-switch".
<input type="checkbox" id="ppg-switch" disabled="disabled"/>
You can hide popup by setting "delay popup time" to 999999s
Example code of toggle usage with styles you can see at:
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