Subscription form creator

Within the new view, you have four types of templates at your disposal. You can additionally enrich them with advanced graphic options, including choosing a font, background color, border, size and even animation of pop-up apperance on page.

* All of the below stages are available only for personalized and tiny templates. Other templates offer only a few of the following options.

  • Background

The appearance of the sign-up form on the page may be accompanied by a darkening of the site's background - to do this, select the "Gray" option in the background section. For a more subtle approach, select the "Shadow" option. You can also display the form without changing the background at all.

  • Sign-up form

Here you can choose the size and shape of the form, background color, placement on the page and animation.

  • Image

In this section, you can add graphics that appear next to the text, manage borders, and select a layout.

  • Header

Add a title to your pop-up and choose the color, font type and size, and alignment for it.

  • Description

Add content to your form using the same options as in the Header section.

  • Buttons

This option allows you to specify the appearance of action buttons on the sign-up form. You can adjust shape, color, and even the effect when a user hovers over a button.

  • Mobile

This step allows you to specify where the sign-up form should appear on your mobile device. You can also choose to hide the sign-up form on mobile devices and display it only on desktops and tablets.

You can check the result of your work by hovering over the arrow icon.

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