In the Subscribers section you can find information about subscribers:

  • Subscribers - current number of subscribers,

  • Subscribed - number of new subscribers in a given time range,

  • Unsubscribed - number of subscribers who cancelled their subscription in a given time range,

  • Number of projects - displaying the highest number of projects in the given time range,

  • Average subscriber’s lifetime - average subscription longevity of the organization’s projects. The average subscription time is calculated based on the length of previous subscriptions from last 12 months,

  • Device - a pie chart showing devices your subscribers use to receive push notifications in a given time range,

  • Browser - a pie chart showing what browsers are used by your subscribers in a given time range,

  • Operating system - a pie chart presenting operating systems distribution among your subscribers in a given time range,

  • Balance - section with Subscribed/Unsubscribed & Subscribers charts which show how number of subscribers changes on a daily basis in a given time range,

  • Geolocation - a map presenting a geographical location of your subscribers (this data does not separate mobile and web push) in a given time range,

  • Lifetime - a funnel chart that represents subscribers lifetime (time from start to end of subscription) in a given time range and is similar to population pyramid.

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