If you paste a link with correct metadata connected into a link field, the system will automatically upload the data, speeding up the preparation process.

A campaign must include a title, content, a link, and an image. You can also add up to two action buttons and a large image.

The requirements for each field are as follows:

- Title - max. 50 signs, can't be empty,

- Content - max. 120 signs, can't be empty,

- URL - has to be a correct URL address, to which the subscriber will be transferred after clicking on a notification,

- Icon - downloaded from the project logo. The default app icon will be used if a logo is not defined,

- Image - optional,

- Action buttons have a title and URL addresses that take the subscriber to the correct page when clicked,

- Require interaction - if you choose that option, the notification will not be hidden until the subscriber interacts with it.

A campaign can be personalized for each subscriber according to their labels.

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