To select a group of recipients for your campaign, you can use one of the three following options.

If you don't choose anything in the Audience step, the campaign will be sent to all subscribers.

You can choose only one targeting form in the targeted campaign.

You can choose one of the following targeting options:

- Select Segment - send your campaign to a previously created segment. It's the most effective option. The dispatch is fast, the subscriber segments are stable, and the risk of choosing the wrong tag is low. Most of all, the number of subscribers is well-defined.

- Select Polygon or Polygons (legacy support) - using geolocation, you can choose one or a couple of polygons, sending push to those concrete groups.

- Select Labels (legacy support) - choose specific labels available for the project. Agility is a big advantage of this method, but it comes at a certain price: it slows the process and you can't know the number of targeted subscribers prior to sending the campaign.

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