Winner selection

You need to select a winner variant in one of these two scenarios:

  • if you’ve chosen a manual winner selection when creating a test,

  • if each variant's CTR is equal 0%.

In either of those cases we will send you an email with the information.

ℹ️ The winner has to be selected up to 72h after the end test date, otherwise the test will be marked as failed.

To choose a winner, you need to go to the list of your AB tests (left-side navigation > Campaigns > AB) and find a test with a Manual win state (you can use a filter, if you have more tests). The test which needs a manual winner selection will have the ‘Choose a winner’ status and will look similar to the one on the image below:

Next, click on a button with the winner cup icon, to get to a test’s details page. Here you can see the test’s summary and compare which of the variants brought you the best results.

Results are presented in table and bar chart. Presented data include sent, delivered, clicked, CTR, and DSP (delivered divided by sent).

Once you decide which variant should be sent to the rest of the group selected for the test, click ‘Select’ on the table.

The final information we need is:

  • winner send date (up to 72 hours from the test end date),

  • winner expire date (in a range from 1 to 72 hours from winner send date).

Select the dates and confirm your choice to complete the selection process for the winning variant.

Once the winner variant is selected, you’ll see its details next to the test variants’ details. Winner variant statistics will be visible after the winner expire date passes.

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