The official and most commonly used version of the company logo is a gray inscription (color #5B5B5B) with a green (brand green #16A085) speech bubble. Note the aspect ratio 4: 1, for example 200px width and 50px height. However, in some cases other versions of the logo may be used.

Logo usage

The preferred way to use the PushPushGo logo is over a light/white background, as in the example below. If the logo is placed on a brand green background, then the inversed version is used: the speech bubble turns in dark blue. However, when the background is dark, we also use the inversed version of the logo but with a brand green speech bubble. If a mono-color logo is needed, use the dark gray version (last example).

Correct logo usage rules

The official and most common version of the logo.
The official and most common version of the logo.
PushPushGo logo on the dark background.
If the convention requires that the logo should be dark, you can use this version to match the style.

Incorrect logo usage

You cannot change the orientation of the logo, its proportions, or the color of any part of it. You must also not change the name of the company and shorten it in any way, or make changes (alterations, additions or substitutions).
Wrong speech bubble color.
Wrong inscription color.
Logo with a changed orientation.
Logo scaled unproportionately.
Logo with changed colors.
Wrong company name.
Logo with alterations, additions or substitutions made to the words.
Generally, short version is rarely applied. It can be used as a favicon for a browser tab, or for aesthetic purposes in the pictures, as in the example below.
Short logo version.
Short logo version used in browser tab.