Green is the color of growth and harmony, and this is the main reason why we chose it for our company color.
Brand color: #16A085

Functional colors

Functional colors are, in other words, basic colors of different font and background variations.

Secondary colors

If you need to use other colors, you can use some options from our palette of secondary colors.

Alternate colors

We share our knowledge on the blog, YouTube, social media, e-books and quest posts on popular sites. If someone seeks the best practices to use web push, he will surely find it.
What’s more, we are easy to contact. We keep our telephones close, check our inboxes and are always ready to talk via chat on our site or Messenger. We don’t stick to one channel - we let the client choose the most convenient one.
In case secondary colors are not sufficient, you can use our supporting color palette (ex. for all marketing material).

Green palette

Yellow palette

Orange palette

Red palette

Blue palette

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