Web push

Website integration

Integration with web push providers requires inserting the javascript script into the source of the website and implementing the service worker.

Integration script is generated automatically when the project is created in the PushPushGo application and it is inseparably tied to a VAPID public key which is required to implement PushAPI.

You will find your project's integration script & service worker file in Project settings > Integration in our app.

Supported platforms

This type of integration is supported by all platforms with PushAPI and ServiceWorker support. In other words, it's all web browsers:

  • Chromium-based browsers

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Safari (since version 16)

All Safari browser versions require user gesture (click on desktop, tap on mobile device) to display subscription form.

Older Safari browser versions (<16) do not support PushAPI and ServiceWorker. Integration takes place via Certificate. Read more.

Safari from version 16.4 can support iOS push notifications but requires manifest.json file.


Find your VAPID key

Go to the Providers page (left-side navigation > Providers page).

Your VAPID public key will be displayed at the top of the page.

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