What are providers?

One of the key factors in sending push notifications is the integration of your project with a provider.
A provider is a connector responsible for communication between the push technology and its own platform/browser.
We can distinguish several types of providers (depending on browser, platform, or operating system), but the main division is based on the push type:
  • web push - web browser providers using ServiceWorker and PushAPI,
  • mobile push - operating system provider by using our SDK.

Requirements for providers

In the following sections, we list all the requirements for a specific provider and the implementation rules.

Find providers in our application

The section for managing integrations with providers can be found on the Providers page (left-side navigation > Providers page).
In terms of permissions:
  • every user with access to the project can view the integration details and integrate or modify them (ex. upload new certificates),
  • only the project owner can see the secret data (like FCM’s authorization key or HMS’s app secret)
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