In the process of personalization, you send campaigns with messages tailored to each subscriber.

Dla personalizacji używaj takich etykiet, które są w twojej grupie - dlatego najlepiej personalizować subskrybentów z danego "segmentu" pozwoli to na uniknięcie, błędów w spersonalizowanych kampaniach.

In the personalization, use nunjucks syntax. It allows you to access previously prepared labels.

An example of nunjucks:

Title: Hello {{name}}!

If there's no such label, nothing will render in this place.

A subscriber with the name: "Mateusz" label will see "Hello Mateusz" in their push.

You don't have to do anything to choose the type of personalized campaign. All you need is to use the nunjucks syntax in the Title, Content, or Link fields.

There are fields for personalizing the message in the campaign. They are available in the "Personalization" section.

Use those variables in your content and you'll see how the message may look to a given subscriber.

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