Copying and pasting campaigns between projects

If you want to copy a campaign and paste it into another project, you can do it in a few easy steps. What’s more, you can copy a campaign to all your projects or just a selected few. It’s up to you.

The copying option will be available if you have more than one project on your account, including shared ones.

To choose a project, simply click on a tile with its’ name. You can reverse the action by clicking on a cross on the tile.

If you want to copy the campaign to all your projects, check the “Select all owned projects” checkbox.

If you want to copy the campaign to a project shared with you, go to the “Projects shared with you” tab and choose the right one.

The positions you choose will appear in a “Selected projects” section.

Click “Copy campaign” and the selected campaign will be copied to selected projects and saved as a draft.

Using this action, you are able to copy:

  • title

  • content

  • redirectLink

  • actions

  • requireInteraction

  • big image

Caution! If you want the copied campaign’s link to be the same as the project link, you need to change it manually.

You can copy campaigns with the “Sent”, “Draft”, and “Ready” status.

Right after pasting to a new project, a campaign with 'Draft' status will have the time of copying set as 'Send time'. The 'Expire date' will be filled in accordance with the project's settings.

Remember that campaigns prepared with the Rocket Push tool have different character limits (above 50 and 120 characters for title and content respectively). When copying such a campaign, pay attention to make sure that words weren’t cut.

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