In this step, you have to choose a group of subscribers to whom the variants will be sent.

The selected sample has to be at least 1% and up to 50% of the targeted group. You need to have at least one subscriber for each variant to make the test work.

To choose the percentage of the tested group, type a value in the input or set a value with a slider. You will also see a pie chart representing the division of the sample between the variant created in the previous step and the future winning variant.

How does the division of subscribers between variants work?

Example: You have 100 subscribers, and you decide to have 2 variants in the AB test.

If you choose a 20% split part, it means that from all of your 100 subscribers 20% will receive test variants: which equals 20 subscribers.

These 20 subscribers will be split into two groups, one for each of 2 variants, so each variant will be sent to 10 subscribers.

To sum up, for the given scenario the first variant would be sent to 10 subscribers, the second variant to 10 subscribers, and the winner to the remaining 80 subscribers.

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