Release notes


From now on, title & message in a targeted push will not be limited, although the character counter is still available as a recommendation. We also recommend that you follow the notification preview when creating a campaign.


We’ve added an option to copy campaigns between projects. Now you can quickly create a campaign and copy it to every project you own. See for yourself! The feature is accessible for all migrated projects. As the migration proceeds, all our clients will be able to use it fully.

Copying and pasting campaigns between projects


We've added Project analytics in our application. Project analytics is a tool designed for analyzing statistics in scope of your project.

Project analytics


We've added Providers view in our application. Use it to integrate your project with web/ mobile providers and send campaign through different platforms.



We’ve implemented a new feature: Daily Push Capping. We designed it to prevent over-messaging subscribers. The ones who have reached the daily number of sent or delivered notifications won’t be getting new pushes on the given day.

Daily push capping


Changes in Access Manager

We’ve improved the Access Manager feature. We’ve added an option to grant access to more than one user and for more than one project at a time.

We’ve also implemented a project browser. You can use it to search for your projects instead of picking them from a list.


We've added changes in AB Test winner automatic selection rules.

In the case of equal CTRs, a variant with a higher Clicked value is selected, and for equal Clicked values, the winner is sent randomly. The only case where you have to choose winner manually is when each variant's number of Clicked is equal 0.

TimeWinner selection


We've implemented changes in AB Tests in our application to suit your needs better. Now the minimum test sending time is 15 minutes instead of 1 hour.

Create AB testTime


We've added an organization analytics. Organization analytics is a tool designed for analyzing statistics in scope of your organization and compare them between projects. It can can be accessed from user navigation menu.

Organization dashboardProject comparison


We've implemented new AB tests in our application to make the testing process more comprehensible and relate better results. It allows for easy variant setup, scheduling, choosing testing groups, and viewing the results. The AB tests are available to all PushPushGo users in the Send Campaign menu.

AB test

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