Apple Push Notification Service

Integration with Apple Push Notification Service allows you to send push notifications through the Apple iOS platform.

Authorization takes place via certificates, therefore in order to integrate your project with APNS, you will need to request a certificate in a p.12 file format from a Certificate Authority in your Certificate Assistant first.

After obtaining a certificate, go to Providers view (left-side navigation > Providers view) in the PushPushGo application, then scroll down to IOS Support.

Upload your certificate in a p.12 file format, type the passphrase with which you have secured the certificate (passphrase is not required if the store is not password protected), and click Save. You will see a green flag “Integrated” which means integration was successfully completed. You can optionally use the environment toggle to switch between production and sandbox.

Remember that your project can only have one appBundleId assigned - and it can only be changed via an IT ticket. By uploading new certificates you are only overwriting them, without changing other parameters, i.e. appBundleId. If another certificate containing appBundleId is sent - an error will be returned.

In case of uploading an out-of-date certificate or if there are more certificates and keys in the store - an error will be returned.

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