Daily push capping

We’ve implemented a new feature: Daily Push Capping. We designed it to prevent over-messaging subscribers. The ones who have reached the daily number of sent or delivered notifications won’t be getting new pushes on the given day. The tool currently works for mass campaigns, not automation scenarios.

The tool is based on sent and delivered statistics per subscriber daily. When subscribers reach their daily limit, they won’t see any new notifications. You can easily set it up in the Project Settings menu of the PushPushGo application.

We’ve also added Omit Capping option, allowing you to skip the Daily Push Capping limitations. It can be used if you need to send a notification to all subscribers, even if they have already reached their capping limit. The option is available at the bottom of the content step or, in the case of Rocket Push, at the bottom of the creator.

The capping feature is available as an additional tool for our enterprise clients. Contact our team to learn more about the implementation - support@pushpushgo.com

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