If you want to use geolocation when sending mass campaigns, you first need to configure your application to gather the data about the subscriber's location.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Project settings tab and enable geolocation.

From this moment the application will download data about the location of subscribers based on their last visit to the website and data provided by the given browser.

NOTE: Each of your subscribers will receive a one-time pop-up requesting access to their location immediately after entering your website. If the subscriber does not give consent or such a notification has not yet been displayed (since geolocation was not enabled on your site), the default location will depend on the IP address provided by the user’s Internet provider.

2. Create polygons or specific locations that you will want to use in your mass campaigns. To do this, go to the Geolocation tab and click the "New polygon" button. Polygons can be specific cities, provinces, countries or more specific locations.

  • in place "A" search for the location you want to use as a basis for a new polygon

  • wait until the territorial range appears on the map

  • in place "B" enter the name of the polygon and click Save.

NOTE: You can also manually specify the territorial range of the new training ground. All you have to do is define your location in the location search engine using the Polygon border drawing tool.

Remember to name a new polygon every time you define your territorial range.

You can use polygons as soon as they are created.

3. To send a mass campaign to users in a particular location, with its configuration in the Audience step, click Select polygons.

NOTE: Information on the number of subscribers assigned to polygons is verified at the time of campaign sending. You can check the number of subscribers receiving the campaign only after it is sent.

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