Tone of voice

We believe that the language and ways of communication that we use reflect our attitude towards clients. And customer service is a field, into which we put our best skills and hearts. Keeping that in mind, we are:


We are casual and straightforward. We don’t want to create unnecessary boundaries. We always address our readers/clients directly and we don’t hesitate to reveal our personality.

We are not afraid to use informal language or simple constructions - we want to be understood, not awarded Nobel Prize in literature. Sometimes, we even joke.

Familiar with our target group

Which means we speak their language. What our clients and potential clients know best is marketing and the KPIs it should deliver. So we talk about metrics important to them and explain how web push notifications can boost them.

We also know that they are busy and often don’t have time to read long materials. That’s why we try to be as informative as possible and use more elements than just words in our communication.

Problem solving-oriented

We don’t praise our product. Our aim is to determine the challenges and problems our potential clients face and show how to overcome them. We express this attitude both in marketing materials and sales pitches.

Happy to educate

We gladly share our knowledge - both statistics and insights on how to make to most of PushPushGo app. We don’t hide anything or make an appearance that our application is better than it is in reality (but it’s the best!).

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