Scenario testing

In the test mode, you can also see buttons like Start Session and End Session. Clicking on them triggers the automation scenarios that were created in the account in preview mode. This lets you conveniently test the operation of selected automation scenarios.

If you want to verify if a configured scenario works correctly, you can do it in two ways:

FIRST METHOD: Scenario verification using the Preview Mode option.

1. Turn on Preview Mode for the selected scenario, as shown below.

Note: The scenario in Preview Mode is disabled for other subscribers. Remember to turn it off after completing the tests. Otherwise the scenario will not work properly.

2. Next, click on the orange banner above the scenario tree.

3. You will then be directed to the website of your project. A green bar with various testing options will appear at the bottom of the page.

4. If you are not subscribed, click the Show Subscribe Popup button and sign up for web push notifications. When this is done, you'll see more options on the bottom bar.

5. Select the appropriate trigger, i.e. Start session or End session, depending on what is indicated in the selected scenario.

6. Next, follow the steps on the page to meet the conditions of the tested scenario.

Example: If you test the Abandoned Cart scenario, add something to the cart and leave the page without finalizing the order.

7. If the scenario works correctly, you should receive a web push notification. If not , make sure that you have met the conditions of the selected scenario.

SECOND METHOD: Scenario verification using the TEST option

1. To enable the TEST option, edit the selected scenario and click the TEST button.

2. After clicking the TEST button, all options available in your scenarios will appear, based on pre-configured selectors and additional fields.

3. If you want to test a particular scenario, fill in the fields referring to the conditions of the given automation and click Test Scenario.


  • type lower-case content

  • operate with the false/true values in the cases of yes/no, true/false requirements

Note: You do not need to complete all options.

4. If the inserted data meets the conditions, a bold line will appear in the scenario tree, illustrating the path on which the subscriber will fall.

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