ABX Tests

In ABX tests, you create several versions of the notification, with each version sent to a selected recipient pool. The version of the notification that obtains the best result in the form of the highest rate of clicks will be sent to the remaining recipients in the database.


The first step in the process allows you to create several campaigns for different groups of recipients. The creation itself is the same as in standard push or automation campaigns. To create new campaigns, click Add.

Percentage division

After creating the campaign, go to the next step - Split. At this stage, you select the number of people to whom the different test notifications should be sent. You can set the number of recipients for each notification.

Sending Time

In the Time step, you can schedule sending time for your campaigns, a time when the test campaigns are to be completed, and the limitation of the validity of the winning campaign. If you do not mark anything in this step, the campaign will be sent immediately and the test will end after two hours. Also, the winning campaign will not have a time expiration.


The next step, Targeting, allows the campaign to be sent to a specific group of recipients. It’s just like the standard push notification process. If you do not select any group, the campaign will be sent to all recipients.


After completing all the steps, you can go to the last stage - Summary, where you can see all the information you have entered. At this stage, you can save the details of the campaign and come back to it later or schedule it for delivery.

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